About Me

Raised both in Spain and in the US, Denise grew up bilingual in an American and European environment. Denise has been working in the film and television industries for the past fifteen years.
While working as an actress she discovered her passion for filmmaking and now writes and directs.
After doing her M.A in directing and playwriting at Trinity College Dublin she went on to study film at Raindance, London. She has written, produced and directed a number of award winning short films, a tv pilot and promotional films. 
Her comedy short film "Sisters" won best film, best actress and best script at Premios Latino 2018.  
In May 2020, Denise Moreno was selected by HBO in the top twenty-five emerging directors for the semi-final round of the 2020 HBOAccess Directing Fellowship.  
Known for her emotive, quirky films, and ability to get strong performances from both actors and non-actors alike, her style mixes the authentic with the sometimes otherworldly.
One of her ambitions is to continue fighting for equality in the film industry, and she often works with a largely female led crew.
She strives to steer away from formulaic characters, in particular female ones.
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Best Series

Saint Tropez

Film Fest



 HBO Access


Best Director

Premios Latino



HBO Access Semi-Finalist 2020

HBO Access Directing Fellowship 

Harrogate Film Festival 2019

Short film "Sisters" -Official Selection.


Saint Tropez Film Festival 2018

TV Pilot "Vultures" awarded BEST SERIES.


Premios Latino 2018

""Si"Sisters"short film directed and written by Denise Moreno was awarded "BEST DIRECTOR", "BEST SCRIPT" and "BEST ACTRESS" 


Female Filmmakers Fuse L.A 2018

"Vultures" - Official Selection.

Women's Only Entertainment 2018

"Sisters" - Official Selection.

Film Strip International Film Fest 2018

"Vultures" - Official Selection .